1. Employment Jobs for Retired People

    Posted on June 25th, 2012 by admin

    No-one reaches retirement age without having gained a lot of professional or life experience and knowledge.  The retired job-seeker needs to be discerning about the type of jobs they choose to pursue.  It could be something connected to their professional or personal preference, their interests or their  ability.   But first, the retired job-seeker needs to set the proper self expectation and not try to compete with others in the jobs market.

    Understand your place in life.

    Retirement is often considered a time to stop working and pursue other interests.  For many, however retirement does not entirely signal the end of working.  Some have a financial need, others may find they are along and need daily human contact and some people just enjoy working.

    Retirees may suddenly feel displaced, lost or bored after 6 to 8 months in retirement.  These feelings are normal and stem from the fact that many people’s occupations played a significant role in their life.   What one does for employment often becomes an important part of an identity and significance in their well-being.  A reason to live and sometime a key measurement of accomplishment that keeps one motivated and mentally active.

    To fill this sudden loss of purpose, retirees seek jobs opportunities that are relevant to their own interest and life experience.  They are not interested in competing in the job market with their younger protégé.  There are many good opportunities for retirement jobs for enthusiastic, motivated, and interested semi-retired people.  Part-time and Contractor positions are ideal for professional skills and a job connected with your personal preferences, interests and ability are ideal for will satisfy non-professional retirees.

    “Times they are a Changing”

    With many of the population nearing retirement age, employers are creating new ways to use talented and skilled workers.  Many knowledge workers will find themselves in high demand and will find opportunities that will allow them to continue working while at home or a remote destination on a part-time or contractual basis.  Other positions such as Medical Transcription, non-medical home care, community service jobs, retail and others are looking for this demographic of the population for part and full-time positions.

    A source for these positions is Retired Brain Trust, a web site for jobs listing and jobs seekers for the semi-retired people.  The jobs and employers on this site recognize that mature people are generally more reliable in the workplace and that their experience supplements a team of professionals in tackling some of the thornier projects in the future.  No-one reaches retirement without having gained a lot of life experiences and knowledge, and passing that along to the next generation is the best investment employers can make in the future of their business.